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Beyond Unit Tests – Hardware-Software Integration Test

Thus, any change can be tested automatically within minutes.

31.01.2024, 11:00 – 11:45 CET

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Unit tests are a good and inexpensive way to start testing for your Embedded System

Unfortunately, unit tests are not sufficient to completely test a system. The second test stage very often is an expensive system test, which usually is only available very late in the development process.

A hardware-software integration test can help to fill the gap between unit- and system test. Such a test can validate your system early and fast during development. The developers get a method to continuously test every code change within minutes, by integrating it with the microcontroller and the electrical signals. This accelerates the development process, while driving the quality into the right direction.

In the webinar we will present a method that can be used to develop and execute integration tests for embedded systems with little effort. A live demonstration will show how such an integration test toolchain works together with unit tests and continuous integration to accelerate the development.