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Integration testing of industrial power tools

Is there a bug in my power tool code?

Every day, embedded software developers make hundreds of changes to code. But how can you be sure, early on, that no bugs have crept in?

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Regular and automated testing of industrial power tools

How to test between unit testing and system testing?

While they look relatively simple, power tools, such as drills, have become increasingly complex in recent years. In an effort to deliver top-notch performance in a compact form factor, as well as exceptional battery life, drills use complex motor control algorithms consisting of thousands of lines of code.

Development teams often choose to implement unit tests early in the development cycle but wait to perform system tests on a HIL until the project is almost complete. This is because, although a HIL provides an optimal testing platform, its availability is limited due to its high investment cost. Most teams are left with only one HIL to support an entire product line.

PROTOS Software GmbH’s miniHIL changes all that. With a form factor roughly equivalent to an A4 sheet of paper and an order of magnitude cheaper than a typical HIL solution, any embedded software developer can afford to have one on their desk. It fits perfectly into the integration phase of system development and allows engineers to test their application code against a simulation of their engine and sensors. No noise, no danger, just test results and progress.

PROTOS also provides support for integrating the miniHIL into your software team’s existing development workflow so that you can quickly benefit from the platform’s capabilities. To find out more, use the contact form below to get in touch.

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