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How do I develop more robust embedded software?

Simplifying the Development of Embedded Software

Ever more microcontrollers are being used in the applications that surround us. But while the performance of these tiny chips has increased rapidly, our development processes have not always kept pace. PROTOS, through its range of products and services, helps embedded software development teams reduce the complexity of their designs and streamline their development processes by selecting the optimal methods and tools. Scroll down to learn more!



Our miniHIL fits on every work bench and allows embedded software developers to test their application after every code change.



Have you lost the thread in your software? Do you require documentation to show what your software architecture looks like? Do you want to improve your architecture? Then look no further – we have what you need!

Domänenspezifische Sprachen - DSLs

DSL Toolchains

Domain-Specific Languages, or DSLs, are widely used to model complex systems. And they are not just for software programmers – follow the link below to find out more.

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