Embedded Software für Automotiv

HIL software integration testing for automotive

Automotive Software: More reliable through better testing

Automotive stopped being purely mechanical years ago. Under the hood, processors run software that keeps vehicles running. But how can you ensure the software is well tested?

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Software HIL test for automotive systems

How do I ensure the quality of software for automotive?

In order for the automotive industry to not only meet its own expectations, but also those of safety regulations, it must prove that its software has been adequately tested and documented.

With its DIN A4-sized miniHIL board , PROTOS Software GmbH puts powerful hardware test tools on the desk of every developer and every test team. With the ability to run software on real hardware, and simulate hardware and other systems, it is ideally suited for performing and documenting integration tests. It offers many of the capabilities of a system test HIL but at a much lower cost and with a much smaller footprint. The miniHIL is very well suited for body applications such as power seat adjustment, window lifters and sunroof applications. Because it is fully supported, maintained, and continuously developed, it is more reliable than home-built solutions built from existing test and measurement equipment.

Documentation is also a challenge for large automotive software projects. Not all reused software is fully documented. Our reversiTECT tool enables development teams to create architectural documentation from the C source code of existing code bases for which little or no documentation exists. This provides insights into file and data dependencies, and creates sequence and control flow diagrams.

Automotive development teams also benefit from PROTOS’ years of experience in embedded software testing, software architecture, and domain-specific languages (DSLs). Coupled with hands-on support, PROTOS helps its customers deliver the documentation they need to show that their products are tested and documented to the expected level.