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Ensuring software quality in the automotive industry

Will it always work safely?

Many automotive applications have to meet ASIL requirements. But what is the best way to test them?

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In the automotive industry, everything is complicated, even something seemingly as simple as an electric window lifter. Referring to ISO 26262, the frequency of occurrence of a hazardous situation, the severity of damage, and the controllability of any risks will have been analyzed in detail. However, testing to ensure the safety of the solution during the development process is often limited by HIL availability.

Unit testing and system testing are also not considered thorough enough, with many teams having to build a test setup for integration testing. However, placing a full electronic window lifter at every developer’s workstation is a challenge and the cost of providing everyone with a HIL is exorbitant.

The miniHIL from PROTOS Software GmbH solves this challenge. This small board in A4-paper format can find a home on even the busiest lab bench or home office. The microcontroller as the device under test is simply connected to the board and can be tested against a simulation of the window motor and sensors. This is an ideal solution for integration testing, providing quick feedback on potential software problems.

To ensure that automotive development teams benefit from miniHIL as quickly as possible, PROTOS also offers a range of support options options to help you seamlessly integrate the tool into your development process or continuous integration environment.

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