Embedded Software für Industrie

Optimal testing of industrial software

Make software more robust in industrial applications

Industrial systems that pose a risk to operators must meet a SIL level as defined in IEC 61508. All components used must support the system in meeting this level, which requires thorough testing and proper documentation. But how can this be optimally achieved?

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Software HIL testing for industrial systems

Test your software for industrial systems earlier

Development teams often struggle with embedded microcontroller integration testing because the hardware (sensors and equipment) is either unavailable or difficult to operate safely in conjunction with the control system being developed. The miniHIL hardware test solution from PROTOS Software GmbH fills this gap at an affordable price, regardless of whether you are developing pumps, electrical power tools, or industrial robots. Unlike conventional HIL testers, it fits on any developer’s desk thanks to its A4 format. It also allows embedded software to be tested "on target" in conjunction with a hardware simulation of the plant. This allows software problems to be detected early and testing to be performed more regularly before moving on to system HIL testing.

Software projects often build on existing software or use third-party software. The documentation provided, if any, is frequently inadequate for safety documentation purposes. Instead of performing a manual analysis of such code, PROTOS’ reversiTECT can be used. This provides the development team with an overview of folder, file, and code dependencies, as well as sequence and flow diagrams. And it all works within the widely used Eclipse IDE.

Users can also draw on the extensive experience of the PROTOS team to help them integrate these tools into existing workflows, optimally design software architectures, and use domain-specific languages (DSL) for system modeling.