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Consulting on test strategy and test methods for embedded systems

Test of embedded systems

Do you have questions or problems on the subject of testing embedded systems? Then arrange a free online consultation with our expert Thomas Schütz.

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Analysis of your embedded software development process

What should your optimal embedded test process look like?

In the analysis, we first discuss your systems and test requirements with you.

  • What do you want to achieve with the tests?
  • Where do you lose the most time in testing and application development?
  • What gaps do you currently see?
  • Do you have safety or security requirements?
  • What are the architectures for the systems to be tested?
  • What interfaces should be tested?
  • Which use cases / scenarios should be tested?

Then we discuss possible test strategies

  • Which test levels do you need? (Component, integration, system, acceptance tests)
  • Which test methods do you already use, and which would be useful for you?
  • Which tools do you already use, and which would be useful for you?
  • Where are the "low-hanging fruits"?
  • What are the next steps?


  • You will receive a document from us with results and perspectives from the consultation.
  • We will be happy to support you in the further course of action, if you so desire.

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