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What do our customers say about the miniHIL?

“miniHIL at Kärcher makes the difference!”

Dominik Wenning, Manager Embedded Software & Testing, Alfred Kärcher

KÄRCHER Professional Series

Product lines / variants test for hot water high-pressure cleaners (Professional series)

KÄRCHER – global provider of cleaning technology

“miniHIL at Kärcher makes the difference!”

Dominik Wenning, Manager Embedded Software & Testing, Alfred Kärcher

Our Problem

As a global provider of cleaning technology, we have many different products that we need to develop quickly and with high quality.

The Solution

The miniHIL test system from PROTOS helps us to test all product variants early and comprehensively during the entire development process.

Our advantages with the miniHIL:

  • Generalization of the test setup for all products (product lines / variants test)
  • Lean and fast test development
  • Complete test automation from the desktop to continuous integration
  • Very fast test execution after every software change (within minutes)
  • We can use miniHIL for all product categories
  • Very small setup – fits on the developer’s desktop and for all projects in a server cabinet – many boards in a small space
  • Test setup requires no safety measures (no HW compliance, no lab, no fire extinguishing equipment)
  • Quick training of new colleagues thanks to good documentation
  • Short-term, competent support from PROTOS

Project example: Test for hot water high-pressure cleaner (professional series)

  • Complete testing of the software functionality of all product variants
  • Test of the complete software, including all drivers on the correct microcontroller
  • Complete environment simulation (e.g. simulation of 3-phase current measurement for shutdown)
  • Test of functions that can not be stimulated in the system test
  • Test of all interfaces (IOs, CAN, LIN, PWMs, …)

Hot water high-pressure cleaner (KAERCHER Professional series)

KAERCHER website

Matthias Spranz, Development Manager Hitex GmbH

Hitex GmbH

"The miniHIL is a compact, inexpensive test system that I can use to test all my electronic developments directly and quickly"

Matthias Spranz, Head of Development, Hitex GmbH

About Hitex

Hitex develops embedded hardware and software as a service for many different industries: Automotive, Industrial Automation, Chipcard & Security, Special Purpose Vehicle, Home Appliances, Medical and Railway.

Our problem

Hitex GmbH supports very many customers simultaneously in the development of their embedded systems. The constant rebuilding of expensive, few test systems before each test is economically not reasonable. The effort is very high and the tests can only be executed very rarely.

The solution

Due to the low-cost miniHIL hardware, a separate miniHIL test can be built for each project:

  • There is no need to constantly rebuild the test systems
  • The test system is always available for immediate testing of any software change
  • We can test many projects with one standardized system

We also support and advise our customers in using the miniHIL test system for their own projects.

Hitex Website