Create software architecture documentation directly from source code

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Have you lost the overview of your software? Do you need to document your software architecture? Or perhaps you simply want to improve your architecture? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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Architecture documentation from source code

Generate architecture diagrams and metrics from source code.

Use cases for software architecture documentation with reversiTECT

When should I use reversiTECT?

Describing the software architecture and creating code documentation is the least favorite aspect of code development for most programmers. However, without a transparent view of the architecture it is almost impossible to understand, communicate, and develop it further. For safety-critical applications in automotive, medical, and industrial technology, a clearly documented architecture is often a legal requirement. And then there are the software projects that have steadily grown over the years for which documentation often doesn’t exist. If it is available, keeping it in sync with the code requires significant effort. In addition, many projects use third-party source code, which may not be documented according to the required standards.

reversiTECT is a tool that integrates with the well-known Eclipse IDE and is designed for exactly such situations. When importing an existing C codebase, it performs a static analysis that provides structure and behavior diagrams from the architecture level down to individual functions. Through the use of diagrams, architecture and functional structure can be better understood, evaluated, and improved.

Understand the existing code architecture

  • Tool-based analysis of code architecture and design.
  • Create a graphical representation of architecture and code.
  • Attain meaningful abstractions by omitting details.
  • Develop a better understanding for software architecture, as well as structures and processes in the code.

Document architecture

  • Documenting the architecture for communication within the team and with stakeholders.
  • Documenting the architecture to meet requirements of standards and processes.

Evaluate architecture

  • Architectures can be better evaluated through the automatic generation of architecture and code metrics.
  • Many metrics required by standards and processes make it easier to meet requirements.
  • Metrics identify problems caused by non-compliance with architecture principles and coding guidelines.

Architecture refactoring

  • Metrics from architecture assessment serve as a basis for architecture and code refactoring.
  • The metrics identify architecture and code problems (architecture and code smells).
  • Problems (smells) can be eliminated via defined refactoring measures.
  • Develop an overview of the actions necessary to prioritize and plan suitable refactoring activities
  • Success of the actions can be quickly re-evaluated by the metrics.

How do I create architecture documentation with reversiTECT?

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