Embedded Software für Medizin

Ensure safety of embedded medical device software

Medical: Where safety always comes first

Medical electronics has contributed significantly to the quality of life medical professionals can offer. But how do you ensure the quality of the software?

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Software HIL test for medical devices

Prove the quality of your software

Engineers developing medical devices must adhere to strict standards to ensure patient and operator safety – from ECG monitors and blood sugar monitors to implanted devices such as pacemakers.

Development teams often have well-structured processes and tools for unit and system testing, but are often overwhelmed with integration testing tools. The miniHIL from PROTOS offers an affordable solution that can be used by any developer. Although only the size of A4 paper, it enables hardware testing by embedded software developers on the target processor, even if the final hardware is not yet available. It also allows integration tests to be performed immediately so that changes can be made quickly after a functionality problem is discovered.

Documentation is another essential element of medical electronic devices, but is not always available to the required level of detail. PROTOS’ reversiTECT graphically displays folder, file, and code level dependencies for C code. This is accompanied by sequence diagrams and flowcharts created from the code. reversiTECT is integrated into the popular Eclipse IDE and saves an enormous amount of time compared to manual code analysis and documentation creation.

PROTOS also offers training and team-specific consulting, so medical device development teams can tap into PROTOS’ extensive embedded software architecture expertise and insight.