PROTOS Blutzuckermessgerät Testen

Test medical device software

Verify that your application works every time

In the filed of medical, patient safety is paramount. But how do you ensure that every line of software behaves correctly under all circumstances?

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Glucose meters, or blood sugar monitors, are an essential part of diabetes management for thousands of diabetics around the world. According to ISO 15197, such meters must provide either a ±15% or 15mg/dL accurate result compared to a laboratory standard. Thorough testing of such products is, therefore, essential.

While such devices typically use a test strip, engineers are continually looking for improved test approaches. Continuous glucose meters are one example, but these add to the system’s complexity for the development team.

To simplify testing and speed up the detection of potential software bugs, the miniHIL from PROTOS Software GmbH can be used to assist with integration testing. With the miniHIL, which is about the size of an A4 piece of paper, the microcontroller used can be tested against a simulation of the glucose meter hardware. Thanks to the order of magnitude lower cost compared to a full HIL, every developer can have their own on their workbench.

PROTOS also offers support in integrating the miniHIL into the team’s development process, from regular deployment on the workbench to automated nightly runs with a continuous integration platform like Jenkins. If this is of interest to you, simply contact us.

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