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Corporate culture and profitability go hand in hand

The PROTOS management

As managing directors, we see our task in the realisation of our mission and visions. In doing so, we also work actively to implement and adhere to our values and principles.

Mission – Vision – Values and Principles at PROTOS

Thomas Schütz, CEO, PROTOS

Thomas Schütz

Managing Director / CEO

As Managing Director of PROTOS, I am responsible for overall strategy, marketing and processes.

After studying aerospace engineering and founding PROTOS, I mainly developed modelling tools and domain-specific languages and led the implementation of the tools in complex customer projects. In the meantime, my focus is mainly on the strategy and positioning of PROTOS. In addition, I continuously take care of improving our processes for the entire chain from marketing and sales to order processing.

My heart still beats for technology as well, but I have a lot of fun advancing PROTOS as an overall system together with our employees, customers and partners. I am a big fan of the Bottleneck Focused Strategy (EKS), which helps us with positioning and product development as well as internal optimisation.

Henrik and I are actively committed to developing PROTOS into a company that our team, our customers and our partners enjoy working in and with. That is why we are driving Self-organisation at PROTOS forward together with our employees.

Thomas Schuetz

Dr. Henrik Rentz-Reichert, CTO, PROTOS

Dr. Henrik Rentz-Reichert

Managing Director / CTO

In the role of the chief technical officer of PROTOS, I am responsible for the strategy and development of domain-specific languages and modelling tools – for our products, customer projects and open source projects.

I studied physics, have a PhD in mathematics and have been developing modelling tools for various industries at PROTOS since the late 1990s. Through my long experience with Eclipse and JetBrains MPS, I have a strong focus on modelling and on developing domain-specific languages.

I take great pleasure in applying my human and technical qualities in complex projects and across teams. It is a particular concern of mine to build up a personal relationship with my colleagues in addition to the purely professional one. Together with our staff, Thomas and I are driving Self-organisation at PROTOS forward and also promoting the issue in public and with our partners.

Henrik Rentz-Reichert