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Feature and requirements traceability for HIL tests


The miniHIL traceability solution provides simple feature and requirements traceability with coverage report generation for hardware in the loop tests.

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Feature and Requirements Traceability

Requirements traceability is often prescribed in the test process. At the same time, requirements or feature coverage analysis is of interest to track test or project progress. The PROTOS miniHIL offers a lean solution for traceability and coverage that supports early testability of embedded systems.

Beispiel für Verknüpfung von Anforderungen

The starting point for the report is a list of features or requirements and a list of tests. These are brought into a relationship (n:m). A feature or requirement is covered by one or more tests.

Traceability Test Mapping

Requirements or features and tests are mapped using a simple textual notation. This format can be used in two ways. It can be used to easily define features or requirements if they have not (yet) been formally captured. On the other hand, it can be used as an automatable exchange format with requirement tools such as DOORS or Jira and thus supports the simple integration into existing tool chains. Through the connection to YAKINDU Traceability, much more extensive traceability requirements can also be implemented.

Beispiel für Verknüpfung von Anforderungen

The "PWM Driver" feature serves as an example in the following. For this feature, 4 test cases were developed, which are now to be related.

The assignment is done in a simple text file. The procedure is as follows: In the first line, the feature is defined with the name "Feature-PWM-Driver". In the following lines the 4 test cases are listed.

Excerpt from the "DemoProjekt.featurecov" file

Feature-PWM-Driver {

   DemoFeatureTestSuite => [



With the help of this assignment, an HTML report can now be generated.

Report generation for traceability

After a test run with the miniHIL, a test report can be generated. The report consists of an overview with project data and coverage statistics. The main part lists the defined features and requirements. For each of these, the coverage with the associated tests is given.

Feature Coverage Report

Failed tests lead to a decrease in the test coverage of the assigned features or requirements.

Feature Coverage Report

The report is navigable. A click on the feature "Feature-PWM-Driver" shows the assigned tests and their status.

Feature Coverage Report
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Traceability for Hardware in the Loop Tests

The miniHIL offers a test solution with integrated traceability for requirements and features.

Already before test development, requirements/features can be assigned to tests. During test development, an automated report is generated after each run, recording coverage and results.

In addition, an import/export with other requirements tools such as DOORS or Jira is possible. In this way, a continuous traceability for the test development is achieved.

What are your traceability requirements?

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