Kosten für einen Bugfix

Embedded systems can be tested much earlier and faster

Test embedded systems early and fast

Test too late and too rarely = Expensive, poor quality and too late to market.

HIL System vs. miniHIL


Over 100 miniHIL test systems in industrial use

  • Automotive ECUs and components
  • Medical devices
  • Handheld electrical devices
  • Industrial components
  • Avionics

Examples of target microcontrollers:

  • ST-Microelectonics: STM32, STM8
  • Infineon: TLE, AURIX, XMC
  • NXP: S9x
  • ARM Cortex-M
  • and many more processor platforms

How does a miniHIL project work?

  1. online clarification of your test requirements and the relevance of miniHIL
  2. joint miniHIL workshop to define a pilot project relevant for you
  3. we create the specification for this project
  4. review and coordination of the specification with you
  5. implementation of the pilot project:
    • continuous training for you
    • early benefits already during the project
  6. transfer to continuous productive use
  7. further development of the project by you or by us

Implementation within weeks to a few months

Clarify the benefits of miniHIL for your project now

Initial meeting about your test requirements

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