How do I integrate embedded systems into Continuous Integration?

Continuous Integration for Embedded Systems

Continuous Integration for embedded systems helps you both to improve the quality of your software and to speed up your development process. For this purpose, every software change is automatically built and tested.

We pass on our experience and know-how from many projects to you in trainings, workshops, consulting and coaching.

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Training: Continuous Integration for Embedded Systems

The goal of Continuous Integration (CI) is to increase software quality and accelerate development through early integration, rapid feedback and a high degree of automation. To achieve this, the software is automatically compiled, tested and often delivered whenever the code base changes.

In our seminars, the basics, concepts and strategies of Continuous Integration are taught. The special requirements of embedded systems are taken into account. Practical examples and exercises on a Jenkins server (open source) deepen the knowledge and support you in successfully using Continuous Integration for embedded systems.


  • Goals and basics of Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Integration and embedded systems
  • Structure of a Continuous Integration strategy
  • Methods for build automation
  • Test automation methods
  • Continuous Delivery and Deployment
  • Software / Hardware in the Loop with CI
Continuous Integration für Embedded Systeme Schulung


  • Installation and administration of a Jenkins server
  • Setting up jobs and pipelines
  • Build and test automation for C/C++
  • The most important plugins
  • Continuous Delivery


Participants will learn about the Continuous Integration (CI) method and will be able to apply it to their embedded software projects after the seminar.

Workshop: Continuous Integration for Embedded Systems

Typical tasks

  • Creation of basic knowledge in the team
  • Potential analysis
  • Target definition
  • Analysis of the cost/benefit ratio of CI measures
  • Development of a CI strategy
  • Prioritization of implementation steps
  • Development of a Continuous Delivery strategy
  • Test automation with Continuous Integration
  • Process automation and integration

In our individual workshops, we not only address Continuous Integration (CI), but also look at it in terms of your specific process and problems in practice. The goal is to build a common understanding of Continuous Integration, to analyze its potential for use in your projects, and to jointly define and prioritize the next steps.

Coaching & Consulting

Of course, we also offer you our help on a long-term basis, and will be happy to provide you with one of our experienced developers and consultants in the field of Continuous Integration for embedded systems.

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