How do I optimize the testing of my embedded system?

Testing of embedded systems

Testing of embedded systems is usually done too late in the process. With PROTOS you test earlier, faster, and more thoroughly.

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Testing of embedded systems is usually done too late in the process. Errors are detected too late and then the elimination of the errors is associated with very high costs. With suitable test methods and tools, testing can take place much earlier and with less effort.


Why are embedded systems often tested inadequately or very late in the process? What makes it so difficult to test embedded software? How can "Test First" also be applied to embedded systems? These and other questions will be answered in the seminar.

You will learn which test levels and methods are available and which requirements for your tests can be met with them. The seminar focuses on methods that are particularly suitable for testing embedded systems.

The knowledge will be applied and deepened by means of a consistent, practical example.

Testgrundlagen für Embedded Systeme


  • Fundamentals and goals of testing
  • Embedded systems – why are they tested differently?
  • Testability of requirements
  • Architectures and testability
  • Test levels: Component, integration, system, and acceptance testing.
  • Static test methods
  • Dynamic test methods
  • In the Loop Tests (MIL SIL PIL HIL)
  • Safety and standards
  • Test processes – classical and agile
  • Continuous Integration
  • Test tools


Participants will learn about requirements, methods and tools for testing embedded systems and will be able to develop and implement structured test strategies for their projects after the seminar.


In our workshops, we work with you to analyze your testing needs and develop strategies and measures that will provide you with concrete help in your projects. For this purpose, we define e.g. the test objectives, fill methodological gaps and develop a roadmap for the next steps.

Typical tasks:

  • Definition of test objectives
  • Overview and introduction to test methods
  • Development of a test strategy
  • Prototypical implementation of tests based on examples
  • Prioritization of implementation steps
  • Selection of methods and tools
  • Test automation with Continuous Integration
  • In the Loop Tests (MIL SIL PIL HIL)

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