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Consulting for embedded systems developers

Take the time to get an overview

Before one project is over, the next one is already on the horizon. But when do you get around to improving your development processes?

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Project-related consulting and training

Get Support with Embedded Software Development

As one development project transitions to the next, it’s easy for embedded software development teams to jump straight into day-to-day application development. However, taking the time to look at the big picture can lead to process improvements, better quality, and time savings for the entire group.

PROTOS Software GmbH, whose team has years of experience in software architecture design and embedded systems modeling and simulation, can provide support in this process. Through a combination of on-site and off-site support, development teams can be guided to methods and processes that meet the requirements of the applications they are developing. In the process, they are also trained in the approaches and tools that support them.

Instead of continuing to struggle with outdated development processes that don’t fully meet today’s embedded software development requirements, contact PROTOS to find out how we can help.