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Improve Time-To-Market through modelling

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How to improve the embedded software development process

How can I improve my development process?

The goal of prototyping for embedded software is to get feedback on requirements, specifications and solution approaches in the early phases of the project in order to save time and money in the later phases.

Time-to-market is in many cases the most important requirement in the development of embedded systems. The often very costly start-up phase and the first iterations can be considerably shortened by prototyping for embedded software. Problems, necessary changes and risks are identified at an early stage and can be resolved with considerably less effort than in later project phases.

Typical problems for prototyping

  • Electronics, basic software / firmware not ready
  • Mechanics not ready or in use
  • Requirements unclear and specifications not available
  • Effort, feasibility and risk unclear
  • Target architecture unclear
  • No common understanding of problem
  • Demonstration for customers, management, marketing not possible

Advantages of prototyping

  • Very fast development of new functions through modeling and code generation
  • Automatic generation of documentation (model –> code and documentation)
  • Very high knowledge gain (not only) in the early phases
  • Very high reusability of the resulting artifacts
  • Easy development against simulation
  • Support of all development phases (MIL, SIL, PIL, HIL)
  • Applications easily portable, distributable, testable
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Depending on your needs, we work together in 2-3 day workshops to develop strategies, concepts and initial prototypes that are tailored precisely to your problem. Of course, we will continue to be available to you after a workshop within the framework of coaching & consulting. Our specialists in the field of prototyping for embedded software will advise you with their entire know-how and help to lead your project to success.

Typical tasks for prototyping

  • Analysis of the questions which are to be clarified by prototyping
  • Model-driven creation of prototypes:
    • Executable specifications
    • Virtual prototypes
    • Functional ECU prototypes
    • Virtual Twin
  • Derivation of requirements and specifications from the prototypes
  • Derivation of test environments from the prototypes

Typical results

  • First iterations for your prototype
  • Establishment of a common understanding of the problem and the system
  • Gains in knowledge in the form of identified requirements gaps and risks
  • Executable specifications
  • Definition and prioritization of next steps

Coaching & Consulting

Of course, we are also at your disposal within the scope of Coaching & Consulting. Our specialists in the field of prototyping for embedded software will advise you with all their know-how and help to lead your project to success.

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