Modeling embedded systems in Eclipse

Just start with a model

Improve your embedded software by defining the architecture and creating models before you start coding. eTrice, integrated into the well-known Eclipse development environment, helps you to do this.

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Modeling of embedded systems with ROOM

Achieve an optimal software architecture with eTrice

Many embedded software problems are relatively easy to solve, but some are more complicated. With microcontrollers delivering more and more performance and offering a growing choice of semi-intelligent peripherals, it is challenging to determine the optimal approach to solving an issue. Of course, it’s very tempting to just get started with the coding. But this approach doesn’t take into account all the aspects of the design. Furthermore, it’s not easy to replicate the functionality of external equipment or sensors that are not yet present.

Simulating the application allows as many factors as known to be considered without having to deal with development boards, compiler nuances, and hardware issues. eTrice, which works within the popular Eclipse IDE, provides embedded developers with an environment to model their application and test different approaches.

Using the domain-specific language Real-Time Object-Oriented Modeling (ROOM), event-driven real-time systems can be modeled, tested, and iteratively improved.

In addition, eTrice overcomes the problem of "phase discontinuity" by allowing the model to be exported as C code. This simplifies the transition from model to hardware implementation and is a significant improvement over hand-drawn flowcharts or models created in other UML software.

eTrice offers development teams freedom to explore without the constraints of half-finished test hardware setups, while promoting best practice software architecture design. PROTOS Software GmbH, together with its training partners, offers training and consulting to help development teams get started and get the most out of eTrice and ROOM.

Where can I use eTrice?

Let us advise you on eTrice for your team

For many embedded developers, the creation of models is new territory. If you want to better understand how modeling fits into your existing development process, we would be happy to advise you!