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Domain-specific languages and tools

Reduce complexity – increase abstraction and automation

Domain-specific languages and tools enable a high degree of abstraction and automation. The benefit lies in the reduction of complexity and the considerable acceleration of development.

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Developing domain-specific languages and code generators with Xtext and Xtend

Domain-specific languages – a powerful tool

Domain-specific languages (DSLs) represent a powerful tool whose importance goes far beyond the field of software development. A rich and validating editor facilitates the creation of documents in this language. A code generator can then be used to automatically generate a great deal of derived information from a single source.

Training: Development of domain-specific languages and code generators with Xtext and Xtend.

First, the basic concepts of language development with Xtext are covered. All essential aspects in this environment are covered in theory and exercises.

Then the participants get to know the Java-like language Xtend and its various possibilities. Special attention is given to the implementation of code generators. Based on the methods learned, a domain-specific language with associated code generators is developed step-by-step during the training.

  • Basics for the development of domain-specific languages
  • Language development with Xtext
    • Aspects of grammar development
    • Relationship between grammar and derived metamodel
    • Namespaces and linking/scoping
    • validation
    • UI concepts: Quick Fix and Outline
  • Generator development with Xtend
    • Relation of Xtend and Java
    • Special language elements like closures and manipulation of collections
    • Basic structure of code generators
    • Rich Strings
    • Presentation of tools for model-driven software development
Domänenspezifische Sprachen und Tools Schulung


After the seminar, participants will be able to create prototypes for their own specialized languages. They know the concepts of grammar, parser generator and a rich editor for the language.

Furthermore, they learn the basics of code generation and can write a generator, e.g. for HTML documentation from their language.

Workshop on DSLs

During a workshop, we individually address the difficulties you have encountered during a project or in your daily business and find the perfectly fitting solution and a plan for the next steps. Usually, a first prototype for your specific DSL is already created during a workshop.

Domänenspezifische Sprachen und Tools ROOM

Typical tasks:

  • Development of domain-specific languages and code generators
  • DSL development and language workbenches
  • Potential analysis for the use of model-driven development and DSLs
  • Prototyping for domain-specific languages and tools
  • Development of turnkey domain-specific languages and tools

Consulting and Coaching

Domainenspezifische Sprachen Consulting

You need longer-term support for the development of domain-specific languages or similar issues? We offer you individual consulting and actively support you with our know-how and practical experience.