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Protos is a service company that specializes in the development of model-driven, domain-specific tools and applications for embedded systems. Protos supports installation of DSL and modeling tool-chains for embedded systems, from development and deployment to training, consulting and coaching. Most of our projects are based on Eclipse Open Source Tools.

Tools and Applications for Embedded Systems


eTrice: Model Driven Development of Event Driven, Distributed Real-Time Systems

Since September 2011 Protos is contributing the project lead and an additional committer to the Open Source project eTrice. eTrice is a modeling tool for event driven, distributed real-time systems based on the modeling language ROOM (Real-Time Object-Oriented Modeling). Besides model editors the project delivers also code generators for complete generation from the model and target middleware (for details compare the project proposal). During several conferences and events, among them the EclipseCon 2011, eTrice has gained a lot of attention.